About Us

Vaquita Books is an imprint of Vaquita Publishing House Limited. The Vaquita Imprint was born out of active service in the writing and publishing industry. Our team has a combined experience of two decades in writing and publishing with a passion for authentic storytelling. We are committed to making the book birthing process easier for aspiring authors. We believe that your audience needs your story. Now that your creative genius has done most of the work, your story needs to get into your readers’ hands. As a publishing firm, it’s our mission to make your story reach that audience.

With an expanded network of clients and a deep understanding of author expectations and challenges, Vaquita Books is here to make all your hard work worth it. We understand the challenges related to getting published the right way and the importance of book quality and accessibility to the reading public.

We are committed to making publishing easy and to making quality books available every time.

Our team of professionals will take you through the publishing process and ensure that you deliver value to the reading community while enjoying your journey to the author side. Under our imprint, aspiring authors enter the book market properly positioned for book success.

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Do you know?

The vaquita is an endangered species and the rarest aquatic mammal in the world with less than ten of them left.