Book Marketing

We will develop custom marketing plans for your book. Your book will be promoted on the bookstore of your choice so that you get in front of more readers. Depending on the marketing plan that you choose, we will create a book trailer, social media ad campaigns and more for your book. In addition, all our authors dedicate 20% of their book commissions to marketing to ensure that we continue to get the word out there about your book.

We have helped our authors achieve numerous feats through our marketing plans such as getting featured on publications relating to their book messages, creating an author brand, and so on. Through our marketing efforts, the author of The Boy and the Forest Spirit was able to attain over 2000 downloads and more than 200 likes left by readers with all the readers falling within the book’s target audience.
Before your book gets published, we will help you determine your message, your audience and your branding formular so that we are able to create marketing plans that suit your book.
Continuous book marketing is the only way to record book sales. We set you on a path that gets your book into the hands of readers.

When you order our publishing service, you get

  • Professional editing
  • A stunning cover
  • Book layout
  • ISBN
  • Book Blurb & Author Bio
  • Publication on electronic bookstores
  • Book marketing plans
  • Author page on our website including author interview
  • Automatic inclusion in our digital magazine and book club
  • Ready to achieve some book success?

Ready to achieve some book success?