Editing is arguably the most important part of your author journey. Once your manuscript is completed, it is important that you find a professional editor to make it publication ready. If you do not do this, your readers will be displeased and may even go to the extent of leaving you bad reviews. Bestsellers are made during the editing process. Editing will catch any errors in your book and determine the appeal and how to improve your writing. Taking a book to the market without editing it is a total waste of resources. Finding the right editor is the best investment you can make on your book and one that will enhance your writing career.

If you need a professional eye to look at your book and make it publication ready, you are at the right place. Our editing service is top-notch with books going through at least three stages in the editorial process to ensure you are communicating your subject effectively. If you need professional editing services at an affordable price, Vaquita Books is your best bet. We have professional editors in-house that will help you polish your book so that you are ready to make a difference with it.

Our editing service includes

Copy/Line Editing

This checks for grammar errors, misspellings and inconsistencies with language usage. During this stage, our editors will read your manuscript with in-depth line by line attention to catch all errors.

Developmental Editing

This stage of the editing process addresses structural issues, flow, character development, style and tone. We ensure that your ideas develop properly and transition smoothly and that you are communicating them correctly.

During the editing process, our editorial team will check for typographical errors, punctuation errors, accuracy, sentence structure, awkwardness with your words and sentences, redundancy, wordiness and more. We will ensure that your writing turns out polished and easier to read.

We will also review and polish key aspects of your manuscript including your vocabulary, characterization, writing style, story development and book structure.

You will receive our editor’s notes, comments and suggestions. We will deliver a file that is marked with all the changes so that you can choose whether you want to implement them. At the end of the manuscript edit, you will receive a clean copy that’s ready for publication within which all the changes you accepted have been adopted.

Our editorial service will leave you with a manuscript that’s polished and ready for your readers. We are the editors of the highly acclaimed murder mystery novel Maxine Shaw among other books. We are now bringing our expertise to a Nigerian and African audience.