Our Policy on Book Marketing

While electronic bookstores take a fee of 30% on book sales, we take a fee of 20% with which we market your books. Our authors receive 50% on all electronic book sales.

Why this policy?

We have learnt from experience that books do not sell themselves. They require rigorous marketing. Taking out a part of your commission accruing helps you reach your marketing goals and sell more books.

Why is marketing part of our self-publishing package?

The first few sales are the hardest. Once people get to know your book and you have built a brand, it becomes easier to sell the book. By including initial marketing into your self-publishing package, we help you get your initial book sales.

For subsequent marketing to ensure your book keeps selling, we use a percentage (20%) of your commission on books sold as explained above. When you speak to our representative and get to the publication stage, you will receive a book marketing plan designed for your book. This will spell out the marketing direction included in your self-publishing package for your first shot at marketing your book.

Am I protected by the law?

Yes, you are. You will receive a collection of contracts covering your publication and your marketing. These contracts protect your rights in the book and authorize us to continually market your book.

Why is this important?

We act as your publisher representation with international book-based organizations. We also enter you into our author database for contest and publishing opportunities. We implement marketing strategies suitable for your book as the need arises. Through the contracts, we protect your rights throughout the publication and marketing processes and also receive authorization from you to represent you and to market your book.

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