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Printed Book Publication

If you want to publish physical copies of your books, we can help you print as few or as many copies as you want. You will be able to choose from hard cover and paperback, white or cream pages, full color or black and white interior. Your book will be clothed in a beautifully crafted cover. You can also choose whether or not you want this cover to come in a glossy finish. Pricing for printed books depend on the length of your book, number of copies and the unique specifications that you choose. We will provide you with a quote once your book has gone through the other aspects of the publication process and has clearly defined specifications.
After your book is printed, we will send four copies to the National Library where we obtained your ISBN to complete your documentation there. We will keep one for our records and one for marketing your book.

Book Distribution

Seeing your book in physical bookstores is an absolute joy. If you do go to print, you have to find a way to sell the books. Our book distribution service takes the burden off you and ensures that your book is available in major bookstores across the country. We have partnered with bookstores to keep your books on their shelves and help you reach more readers. Either we or our partners might conduct marketing events from time to time like book readings, book tours author chat, author interviews and book signings. These events will help you go even further with your book.
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